Honor Clients
Wattsine since it’s inception , has been supported  by customers continue orders and trust by virtue of outstanding R&D capability , rigorous quality criteria ,high quality control ability and all-round service.
On MPT project ,Wattsine cooperated with Zhejiang University and SUPCON company  worked  excellent   1 KW, 2450MHz solid state microwave generator .It’s a big step forward  for  the business cooperation between Wattsine and  government .

On the wireless charging items, we offer a 1-100MHZ RF power amplifier, 3KW MW power amplifier for the University of Electronic Science and Technology. Wattsine proved itself ability in customized professional linear power amplifier  design and manufacturing.
In the field of industrial heating, Wattsine offered  big power  915MHZ solid state RF generators  for many enterprises, successfully achieved   replace of  the original magnetron program  by virtue of our strong  technology and efforts.


In broadcast television field,  Wattsine provided  digital TV  UWB UHF amplifier module which was successfully applied in  CCTV digital television transmitters.This type of our product became a representative sample in this industry !

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