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RF and Microwave Power Solutions for Heating
RF and Microwave Power Solutions for Heating
A trend of  transformation from the use of simple magnetron RF power devices to the use of solid-state RF and microwave power devices for a wide variety of heating applications is happening. Heating applications based on solid-state solutions benefit from clean, efficient, controllable RF energy.  Many professional  solid state solution brands are  concentrating  it, including   Freescale , NXP,WATTSINE etc .

Solid state solutions  help you modernize your magnetron-based heating applications or innovate new applications with  rugged and highly efficient power transistors, easy-to-use development tools and evaluation boards, and reference designs.

Solid state  RF and microwave power amplifiers  designed for applications such as:
  • Microwave ovens
  • RF plastic welding
  • Water purification
  • Food rethermalizing and tempering
  • Drying and moisture profiling
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Pasteurization and sterilization
  • Medical applications requiring sterile environments and highly accurate temperature control

Comparing with magnetron, Advantages of Solid-State RF
Solid-state RF and microwave devices give heating application developers the ability to deliver and control large amounts of energy in a high-resolution, closed-loop manner. Solid-state devices by their nature are considerably smaller than magnetrons, providing customers with a previously unavailable level of design flexibility. These closed-loop capabilities also enable smarter kitchen heating and cooking appliances that can coexist with other in-home wireless connectivity products.

  • Bulky, heavy
  • Simple on-off control
  • 4,000 V supply voltage
  • 500- to 1,000-hour lifetime, degrades over time
RF Transistor
  • 28-50 V supply voltage
  • Up to 20-year lifetime, no degradation
  • Small, low mass
  • High-resolution control
Traditional magnetron ovens use simple on-off control of the magnetron in an attempt to control how much energy is put into the oven cavity.
A solid-state solution delivers controlled energy to the load, with real-time feedback and monitoring of temperature, power and cavity conditions.
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