RF microwave solid state power solutions in the field of heating applications

    With the rapid development of technology, using RF microwave solid state power amplifier to replace magnetron scheme applied in the heating field now has been a new trend. Based on solid-design solution for heating application by using clean, efficient and controllable RF energy, many solid-state power amplifier manufacturers, including Freescale, NXP, Chengdu Wattsine, etc. are now focusing on it.
    Solid-state solution adopts indurative & efficient transistor, Freescale, NXP, Chengdu Wattsine all can provide total solution to help modernizing heating industry currently based on magnetron application, and also to bring innovativeness into new fields. RF microwave solid state power generator will be widely applied in microwave-heating field.
Microwave oven(Solid state)
RF welding
Water purification industry
Food thawing and tempering
Drying and performance analysis
Deodorization, disinfection & sterilization
Sterile environment and medical application of high-precision temperature control 

Compared with magnetron solution, the advantages of solid-state solution
    RF microwave solid state power amplifier device offers many advantages to heating application development: Controlling heat by high precision & closed loop mode. Solid state power amplifier device is much smarter than magnetron component, enabling previously-impossible mobility and compact design available for customers. The closed loop mode makes more intelligent kitchen heating appliances and coordinative cooking utensils available while coexisting with other wireless-connected home products. For instance, traditional magnetron oven adopting simple on-off control mechanism to keep energy inside oven chamber. Solid-state solution makes process control of energy to the load, as well as getting feedback or monitoring temperature & output power inside oven chamber available.

The comparison of magnetron and solid-state solution:

Magnetron component Solid state power amplifier solution
Large dimension & weight Smart size
Simple on-off control of output power High-precision output power control
Power supply: 4000V 28-50V DC power supply
500-1000 hours of product life with continuous power attenuation by time More than 20 years of lifetime without power attenuation

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