Solid state power generator solution to advanced medical application (1)

      Microwave is an electromagnetic wave in frequency range from 300MHz to 300GHz, being the abbreviation of a limited frequency band among radio waves, it is an electromagnetic wave with wave length range from 1mm to 1m and the general name of decimeter wave & centimeter wave & millimeter wave. Microwave is also called ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic wave for its frequency is usually higher than ordinary radio waves.

History of microwave application in medical field

      With rapid development of microwave technology, its application becomes common in daily life. In recent years, microwave have been applied for medical field and formed microwave biology. New ideas and therapies are now provided for treating diseases.
      In 1891, Nikola Tesla pointed out that high-frequency current can produce heat inside human body, and suggested it be used for medical field. D’Arsonval founded that the high-frequency current above 10kHz will not cause electric shock but calorification. 
      In 1899,von Zaynek  founded  connection between calorification rate and frequency  in human tissues.

 How does high-frequency current generate heat in materials? Taking 915MHz for example

Development of microwave power generator 

      Electron tube, represented by magnetron, is a component utilizing electron’s movement in vacuum to complete energy transformation.
      Solid-state power generator, usually cored by diode & transistor like BJT & MOSFET(VMOS), LDMOS and GaN power tube, produces specific frequency by oscillator circuit and acquisite energy by power tube’s amplification.

      With fast development of technology, a new trend of replacing magnetron by solid-state power generator in medical fields appears.

Advantages of Wattsine’s solid-state power generator
Newest LDMOS device, all-solid-state design
Comprehensive protection including over-temperature, over-current and standing wave 
Built in circulator and load to resist 100% reflection power
Precise power control and user-friendly control mode
PLL+VCO control, high frequency stability
Smart dimension and lightweight for integration-friendly
High reliability & stability 
Long product lifespan, no power attenuation in long-run operation
High security, minor microwave leakage complied with radiation safety standard    
Commonly used frequency :433MHz、915MHz、2450MHz、2856MHz etc. 

Solid state power generator’s application in medical field 
Application diagram in medical area(一)


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