Solid state power generator solution to advanced medical application (2)

Solid state power generator solution to advanced medical application (2)

1、Microwave ablation 
      Microwave ablation instrument, also known as microwave tumor hyperthermia instrument, is to percutaneously puncture with a special-made microwave needle into center area of the tumor. At a certain point on this microwave needle there is a miniature microwave-oven of 1mm in size. By generation of a microwave magnetic field it makes molecules surrounded by it moving & rotating in high speed and thus heat can be produced by their friction. When temperature rises to above 60℃, protein in tumor cells will denature and become solidified. Alternation of living environment of tumor cells lead to their irreversible necrosis, and to coagulation, dehydration and necrosis of tumor tissues. This is the fifth tumor therapy apart from surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy. 
      Currently most commonly used radio frequency (RF) ablation, which operating frequency range from hundreds of 1KHz to 5MHZ, is usually working at low frequency. While as a newly developed application, operating frequency of microwave ablation is up-to 915 MHz or 2450 MHz.

Advantages of Microwave ablation, compared with RF ablation
deeper penetration, higher frequency to penetrate all body tissue 
Larger ablation perimeter for big-tumor treatment needed by China
Higher thermal-efficiency, faster fervescence, more symmetrical heating, higher ablation speed
No need to generated current by positive/negative polaron
Multiple heating antennas available
Less pain caused by microwave

Typical applications of microwave ablation:
      Damaged skin removal;
      Shrinking the size of tumors in lung, liver, kidney & bones; 
      Stopping the abnormal electric conduction in heart which causes arrhythmia or spinal nerve disease for symptom relief

 2、 Microwave physiotherapy 
      Microwave physiotherapy instrument is based on Microwave as the energy source of physical therapy, Microwave refers to the electromagnetic waves with frequency range from 300MHz to 300GHz. Microwave energy is concentrated by microwave physiotherapy instrument onto the pathological part of human body and absorbed by relative tissues. As a high-frequency electromagnetic field, microwave can penetrate into inside of human tissues and generate above-mentioned biological effect on irradiated tissues from epidermis to deeper position. Afterwards a few more biological phenomena can be observed, such as rising of local temperature, acceleration of blood circulation & metabolism, enhancement of immunity function and improvement of local nutrition. In wound healing cure microwave energy can improve the tissue regeneration capability by accelerating the growth of fresh granulation tissue at the injured site.

Advantages of microwave therapy instrument
      A new technology to replace electric burning, freezing and laser treatment
      Operation-friendly, no tissue carbonization, no spurting, faster hemostasis & wound repair
      No pain, trauma, side effects or adverse reactions during treatment
      Suitable for both medical and domestic using 

Operating frequency of microwave physiotherapy instrument: 915MHz or 2450MHz

Typical application of microwave therapy instrument: Osteoarticular disease;Soft tissue inflammation & disease; Internal injury & blood congestion ; Traumatic bleeding

3、Microwave acupuncture

      Microwave acupuncture therapy is generated by the combination of modern microwave technology and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture technics. A focused beam of microwave irradiation is used to stimulate the acupoint without tangible metal needles. In this processing, due to thermal effect, temperature of targeted acupoint will rise and the heat will be transmitted along body meridian to produce effect of warm- acupuncture & benefiting. Also during this transmission, stimulation effect in fluctuation form, is propagated through human body via biological electromagnetic wave effect, which indicates stimulation caused by microwave acupuncture is not limited within irradiation area.   

Advantages of microwave acupuncture

      Clear and lasting sense of needing punching
      Temperature controllable
      Even heating with high thermal efficiency
     Easy-locating of acupuncture point
     No pain & trauma

Operating frequency of microwave acupuncture: 433 MHz, 915 MHz or 2450 MHz

Typical applications of microwave acupuncture: Disease caused by cold factors (by CTM Theory);Local inflammation & disease

4、Microwave scalpel

      As a new type of medical apparatus, microwave scalpel utilizes microwave energy to perform surgery. Via a transmission cable with rotating device, a microwave power generator is connected with a scalpel so that microwave energy can be transmitted into surgical site along the scalpel blade. Due to thermal effect of microwave, temperature of tissues near the incision will rise till blood coagulation to produce hemostatic effect. Furthermore, electrons released by microwave current makes charged colloidal particles to coagulate after they lost charges and exclusiveness.

Features of microwave scalpel

      Temperature controllable
      Evenly heating with high thermal efficiency
      Fast hemostasis with less cut
      Sterilization available to prevent surgical infection
      No spurting, no tissue carbonization & charring
      Shorter duration of operation & less healing time

Operating frequency of microwave scalpel: 433MHz, 915MHz & 2450MHz

Typical applications of microwave scalpel: General surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, liver surgery

5、What is the medical linear accelerator?
       Medical linear accelerator is used for radiation therapy to tumor in biomedicine practice. Radiation therapy utilizes radiation to restrain the growth of malignant tumor till its destroy. As an electromagnetic device, particle accelerator accelerates various charged particles to produce more energy. An accelerating electric field is needed to access energy to charged particles, which means the acceleration system, consisting of accelerating tube, microwave transmission system, microwave power generator, pulse modulator, etc., should be core of medical linear accelerator

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