Application of solid state microwave generator in hyperthermia apparatus

Tumor hyperthermia instrument
    The tumor hyperthermia instrument is a kind of medical equipment which makes tumor cells denatured and necrotic by increasing body temperature or local heating to alter tumor cells’ environment for cure purpose.

    With tumor hyperthermia instrument to treat tumor is the fifth tumor therapy apart from surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy. It is often mentioned as the "green cure” because of its unique mechanism.
    As a professional medical equipment, security and stability of hyperthermia instrument must be the first concern. Traditional tumor hyperthermia instrument adopts 915 MHZ or 2450 MHZ magnetron as the core energy source. The magnetron needs high voltage power supply and inevitably has problems such as power output attenuation and instability. Below magnetron and solid-state source are compares to indicate solid-state microwave generator is superior to magnetron for tumor hyperthermia instrument.

Power supply: up to 4000V required DC 28V
500 hours of product lifetime Lifetime over 20 years
Large size Smart in dimension
power instability High stability
Output power attenuation by time No power attenuation
Complicated power-control circuit Simple control mechanism

    Wattsine’s solid state microwave generator adopts all solid-state LDMOS device, consisting of VCO+PLL frequency generator, preamplifier, digital attenuator, drive power amplifier, final power amplifier, forward/backward power detection circuit and various protective circuits, and processed by MCU, with DB9 remote communication interface, manual control/automatic control is optional. power detection, reflection power detection, working state of each & every part of the module are all output by RS485 protocol to diagnose and trouble removal in operation available for customers.

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