The solid state RF amplifier’s application in UAV remote data transmission

    Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle is called “Unmanned Vehicle” for short, also known as “UAV”. It is an unmanned aircraft which use of radio-controlled equipment and integrated program control device. The UAV unit is consisting of airframe, control system, data link system, power supply system and others. The control system is also named as flight management and control system, acting as heart of UAV, is a key to UAV on its stability; reliability accuracy, instantaneity of its data transmitting. Also it is the determinant to UAV flight performance. The data link system ensures correct transmission for remote control command as well as instantaneity and reliability while UAV receiving/sending messages, to secure time-effectiveness of all feedbacks, so that UAV tasks can be done smoothly and correctly.

    As a controlled-robot, UAV is widely used for reconnaissance, surveillance, etc. in various military action, as well as geodetic surveying, remote sensing, aerial photography, etc. to get high resolution 2D/3D geometry-describing images of its objects in civil fields. But high resolution image brings large data volume. As the improvement of ground resolution, image data needing to be transmitted grows by geometrical progression. The code rate also quickly grows to hundreds of Mbit/s. Furthermore, UAV operating in high altitude position leads to a long-distance image data transmission which makes difficulties for the ground station to receive effective information. Thus high-rate transmission of image data and transmission distance have been the choke point restricting the UAV application. But with fast development of the UAV industry, it is now possible to achieve real-time high-quality images and data transmission under high-speed-moving and invisible condition. 
    The SSPA module targeting at the long-distance image transmission on UAV can amplificate different kinds of modulation signal to ensure UAV’s real-time, synchronous and remote transmission for video, voice, data and other multimedia services to a ground station under high-speed-moving condition. With broad cover scope, high sensibility, high mobility, good anti-interference & attenuation capability, high transmission rate/stability/reliability, SSPA module offers ideal solution to long-distance, high-quality, high rate, wireless real-time transmission in contingency communication of commanding, emergency control, reconnaissance and field combat operation.
    The SSPA used for UAV designed by Wattsine, with the latest generation of high SW-resistance devices which based on LDMOS technology of push-pull structure, has excellent linearity and reliability. For different areas of application, Wattsine offers product customization and optimization service according to your different requirements.

* Miniaturization of image transmission & high power image transmission
* Operating frequency range: 260MHz~2.5GHz
* Output linear power:0.5w-20w
* Various modulation mode: COFDM、QPSK、DVB-T
* Continuously-variable/level-divided power adjustment customizable
* Suitable for various complex environment
* Smart-size, integration-friendly, single boards/module optional
* High cost-efficient and system-stability
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