UAV interference optimization scheme——Solve UAV invasion problem

    In recent years, apart from military areas, UAV application are springing up and developing rapidly in civilian areas. Especially the convening of the CES, more heat is brought to the focus on UAV. Using UAV as an assistant to drive productivity improvement happens in various industries. However, a huge crisis lurks in this UAV boom: UAV invasion threat to high-level security units. Being cheap, available and hard to verify buyers’ credentials, a (maybe small) UAV could be perfectly used for invasion. For instance, a UAV made in China have break into the White House in the US, and flight delay at capital airport in China caused by a breaking-in UAV.
    As a small-size low altitude aircraft with a load capacity, thus being able to trafficking prohibited cargos, reconnaissance or self-explosion attack without being detected or tracked by traditional measures, UAV becomes a substantial threat to various high-level security units, among which have comprehensive protection of physical defense, personnel defense and technical defense in their perimeters but without special protective arrangement to low altitude airspace or anti-UAV solution.

    To solve above mentioned problem, Wattsine has developed solid state power amplifier and RF interference generator, which interference frequency covers 1M-6000MHz and can transmit full-band jamming signal and high-power interference RD signal to targeted UAV or to its GPS/remote control component, finally to cut off communication between UAV and its remote controller till it is forced to land or evacuate. Wattsine proposes UAV action sensors to be set along the physical perimeter of the high-level security unit, and full-band scanner to be installed as a supplement according to the scope of security zone to form a seamless low altitude anti-UAV defense system or a handheld anti-UAV jammer to be deployed to interfere/forced land/destroy... target or with customized logic, Omni-directional interferer to be applied to automatically interfere target till destroyed.
    The SSPA used for UAV designed by Wattsine, with the latest generation of high SW-resistance devices which based on LDMOS technology of push-pull structure, has excellent linearity and reliability. For different areas of application, Wattsine offers product customization and optimization service according to your different requirements, such as function, power, gain, size, or high-linearity/efficiency, self-adaption load, high VSWR, etc.

SSPA Features:
    * Operating frequency range:1-6000MMz    
    * Output linearity power:10-50W
    * Various modulation mode available      
    * Miniaturization in dimension, integration-friendly
    * Board/Module available
    * High efficiency/linearity/reliability
    * Power supply: DC28V

RF Interference Generator Features:
    * Operating frequency: 1500/2400/5800MHz
    * Output power: 0-100W adjustable
    * High efficiency/linearity/reliability.
    * Power supply: DC28V
    * Shielding target: UAV with remote control.

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