Solid state Medium-power Generator

    With standard 19-inch rack, the customized structure design, the latest-generation LDMOS power device and all-solid state design, Solid state Medium-power Generator offers high reliability and excellent performance. Built-in circulator and passive load enable the generator to bear 100% reflection power and operate well under different SWR load. Comprehensive protection function including over-current, over-temperature, standing wave alert are available.

   ▪ All-solid state design
   ▪ Standard 19-inch rack, integration-friendly
   ▪  High stability with PLL Technology
   ▪ Output power stability less than 3% with patent scheme
   ▪  Self-adaptive load resonant frequency and standing wave function.
   ▪ Control interface including analog and serial port optional
   ▪ Excellent reliability to bear 100% reflection power
    Plasma actuation, 
    Engine microwave ignition, 
    Solid state microwave oven,
    Heat therapy apparatus
    Industrial heating
    Microwave lighting equipment etc.

Technical parameters sheet:
Mode Specification
Power supply 
Cooling system
WSPS-433-200 433 200 220V 65 wind
WSPS-433-1000 433 1000 220V 65 water
WSPS-915-500 915 500 220V 60 wind
WSPS-915-1000 915 1000 220V 60 Water/
WSPS-915-2000 915 2000 220V 60 water
WSPS-915-3000 915 3000 220V 60 water
WSPS-2450-200 2450 200 220V 45 wind
WSPS-2450-500 2450 500 220V 45 water
WSPS-2450-1000 2450 1000 220V 40 water

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