• Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communication/data transmission/ Image transmission power amplifier

    UAV communication/data transmission/image transmission of RF power amplifier adopting the latest-generation power device with high resistance-standing wave, and LDMOS basing on push-pull structure, to provide excellent linearity and reliability to a ...

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  • RF power amplifier for radio communication station

    These series of RF power amplifiers are designed for broadcasting station, radio and television transmitting, mobile communication base station and repeater etc. Wattsine provides customized parameters and functions for product optimization according...

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  • Solid State RF Power Generators

    Solid State RF generators including 2MHz, 13.56MHz, 27MHz, 64MHz frequency are most commonly used in plasma process. Wattsine can provides output power of 1KW, 3KW, 10KW, 20KW,etc., as per customers different requirements. Features: Frequency stabi...

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  • EMC testing broadband power amplifier

    Adopting advanced GaN power device and ultra-broadband technology, EMC testing broadband power amplifier provides excellent linearity and reliability operating under CW. DFDM\QPSK\QAM modulation and pulse. With output power available from 1W to 200W,...

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  • Communication-specific RF power amplifier

    WSPA series communication-specific RF power amplifier module takes solid state power device as core, and contribute high efficiency /linearity/reliability to meet requirements of various equipment. Customized parameters of this module are available, ...

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  • Solid State High-power Generator

    WSPS series Solid State High-power Generator is specially designed for ISM application. It provides continuous wave or pulse power from 5KW to 20KW.Output power continuous adjustment, accurate output phase adjustment from 0-360 degree, accurate duty ...

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