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2450-1KWsolid state power generator
2450MHz-1kW solid state power generator

WSPS-2450-1000 solid state power generator is specifically used for solid state microwave equipment in ISM field,to provide CW/PULSE adjustable power of 1W- 1kW with center frequency 2450MHz

> PLL phase-locked technology ensure a high frequency stability;

> Built in circulator and load enable the SSPG adapt to kinds loads that have different VSWR;

> Reasonable protection circuit guarantee a reliable operation.

Technical Index
Work mode

CW or Pulse

CW and Pulse

Control way

Remote communication control RS232\RS485\Ethernet

Local control  LCD display

Cooling way

Circulating water cooling

Inlet water temperature:+5~+25℃

Water flow:5.0L/MIN

Working Condition

Ambient temperature:0℃-40℃

Relative humidity:≤95% (+25℃ no condensation)  

Atmosphere pressure:80kPa-106kPa


Control:work status and parameters setting,be available to view work status and set parameters ;

Alarm:output power,SWR,current,temperature. Remote check alarm information;

Protection:over-VSWR,over-temperature,over-input power、over-current,over-voltage trigger a shut-down automatically;

Interface definition

Power input(Power):single phase AC 110-264V/50-60HZ,max current 15A

RF output:DIN7/16F

Control interface (Operation):DB9F/RJ45


Plasma actuation,MPT,microwave ignition of engine,solid state microwave oven,Thermal therapy apparatus,industrial heating equipment etc.

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